Support Team

We are fortunate to have a superb team to support our practice. Learn about our team members below:

Lorraine Givens-Rowe, P.A., Physician’s Assistant

Ms. Rowe has many years of experience working with medically complex patients, geriatric patients and in the rehabilitation environment. In addition to collaborating with the physicians on management of the patients in the Lawrence Hospital Center for Rehabilitation, Ms. Rowe also sees outpatients in the Lawrence office.

Therese Roberts, Office Manager

Therese has been CRM’s office manager since its inception in 1999. She has an extensive background in medical office work activity and management. She is responsible for the day to day operations of the practice and provides additional guidance and expertise in billing and payment arenas.

Patty Wells, Satellite Clinic Coordinator, Lawrence

Patty oversees day to day activity in our Lawrence office, including scheduling, intake, insurance checks, etc. Patty has been with CRM since 2003 and came to us with a varied background in management both in and outside of healthcare. Always with a pleasant smile and quick wit, Patty keeps everything on track in Lawrence. In her free time, Patty enjoys gardening and cooking.

Erin McKnight, Satellite Clinic Coordinator, Blue Springs

Erin oversees day to day activity in our Blue Springs office, ncluding scheduling, intake, insurance checks, etc. Erin has been with CRM since 2007 and uses her background in child care to keep the physicians and staff in order. Erin also provides assistance and back-up in the Leawood office.

Linda Holt, Payment Specialist

Linda started with CRM in 2003 as medical receptionist, bringing with her years of experience in the health insurance industry. She moved into her current position shortly after joining CRM and is the go to person for dealing with issues related to bill payment. Linda works with patients and their insurance carriers to facilitate accurate payment. Linda is also in charge of medical records. In her free time, Linda enjoys traveling to the Lake and spending time with her grandchildren.

Michelle Roberts, Billing Specialist

Leanne Larimore, Patient Care Coordinator